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This Photo Album will be a work in progress. 

We will do our best to include dates and descriptions for the photographs.

With so many questions directed to us, we decided that it would only be right to let everyone know the effort necessary to grow Spray Millet.

For those of you that decide to grow Spray Millet yourself - Great! you are embarking on a wonderful adventure.  Growing Spray Millet is rewarding.  And whether you grow Spray Millet for your own personal use, for a few extra bucks or to provide an income, you'll be dressing and keeping the garden, just as the Lord Yahweh had commanded.

Farming is work.  It is a rewarding and honorable profession that we all need.  Sometimes, we just don't think about all the work it takes to get the products to our hands, as consumers. 

And, with the Internet, people everywhere have the opportunity to deal, straight up, with those of us that make it happen.  "Direct from the Farm," is the freshest and most honest way to get the products, like Spray Millet, that YOU need!

It is our prayer that you will take to heart all the love and labor involved in farming and thank God for the families that made our country, the U.S.A., what is is today.  And that you would turn your heart to Him, always.

"Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established..."

Proverbs 24:3



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2004 Crop
Spray Millet

2006 Crop
Spray Millet

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